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The company was created by two engineers Anthony Evans and Lee Raspin, both of which have a love for puzzles, a love that we both wish to share with the world and an idea to create something more than just another puzzle. After several late nights solving a variety of so called ‘impossible’ puzzles we found ourselves wanting something more. This led to the design of ‘Loki’ the first in our series of puzzles of which we believe to be the world’s most challenging puzzles.

The two directors met at college where they discovered they both had a passion for solving puzzles. As mechanical engineers they enjoyed the aspect of working out the hidden secrets of a puzzle in order to solve it and have been friends ever since.

Both directors have different background knowledge and are highly qualified in different aspects of mechanical engineering with a combined experience of over 20 years. One director, that has a keen eye for detail and takes time to understand how components work together to achieve the final purpose of the product, while the other has expertise in manufacturing and the possibilities that are capable whilst designing a product. Some advanced techniques have been used to create our puzzles which have caused many late night arguments about what is humanly possible at times.

The company is based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire The heart of industrial England and as such, quality plays a big role within the company. As was once said ‘we’d rather explain the cost of quality than have to apologise for anything less’. We wanted to produce a puzzle of outstanding quality that we personally deemed as ‘The world’s most challenging puzzle’. We decided, after many late nights, that a difficult puzzle, although difficult to solve the first time, was not a challenge when it was reset to solve again. The puzzles that we have created are, in our opinion ‘The most challenging puzzles in the world’ meaning that they are a challenge to you to solve the first time but after disassembling and studying the puzzle it will be nearly as challenging to you the second time around.

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