Post production

Sorry for the lack of updates, we are still waiting on our packaging manufacturer for Loki's presentation box, as soon as these are ready all of the pre orders will be dispatched, any left overs will be available for general sale

Production successful!

Our production run was successful over the august bank holiday, it took a little longer than scheduled but we still managed to get 35 puzzles complete. After they are back from de-burring we can send them to the anodisers and get them assembled and boxed up!


We have secured a small batch of Loki's (approximately 20) a couple of these will be going to people to test and review, the other 15 or so will be available to purchase, first come first serve basis.

This order is going into production late august, after anodising and assembly we are aiming to have them ready the first or second week in September.

We will try and look in to a sales counter so you know when items are out of stock to avoid purchasing a puzzle that's out of stock or to avoid purchasing a pre order.


It has been brought to my attention that our website doesn't say who we are.

I'd like to firstly apologise and secondly introduce myself.

My name is Anthony Evans and I'm the person who actually manufactured the prototypes of Loki.

I'd like to also introduce my business partner Lee Raspin who did the design for Loki.

We will be aiming to alter our website and include are names very shortly.

I would like to say thank you to Mr X for bringing this to our attention.

Website complete

After tying one of our lucky friends to a chair and whipping him ever so slightly, we now have a fully functioning website! (We did give him a free puzzle though).


The redesign was successful and one of the internals has been made more difficult to ensure a great challenge.

Testing progress

With a little help from ourselves the 3 puzzles where opened after roughly two weeks, after much debate we have decided to redesign one of the internal obstacles to make Loki more difficult.

Submit designs

Our design search came back with good news, our design is unique. This means we can produce Loki without and legal difficulties. The design request has now been submitted and Loki will be a registered design very shortly.

Product testing

After anodising the puzzles where assembled and given out to other puzzle enthusiasts.

Design search

A search has been submitted to the Intellectual Property Office to ensure our design is unique and is not infringing on any other registered designs.

Anodising prototype batch

3 of the four prototypes have been sent for anodising (one of which can be found on various pictures around the site), good quality finishes which are now proven for production.

Final prototyping

Bugs fixed with the clickers. Internal rings have been modified to adapt for the bought in clickers.
Program has been modified for more efficient manufacturing.
3 more prototypes have been manufactured and assembled to ensure all tolerances are correct after anodising.

Prototyping... Day 3

All components completed and assembled, outer rings not "clicking" properly, new clickers sourced and ordered rather than manufacturing in house.

Prototyping... Day 2

Most of the components have been machined for the prototype, hopefully all will go just as well for day 3.

Sample material

A small piece of aluminium has be sent to the anodisers and has come back with good results.

Internal parts

Small internal parts such as springs and balls bearings have been sourced and purchased ready for prototyping.