Introducing the first puzzle in our series Loki, made from high quality aluminium and anodised to give a superior finish. Loki is described as a handsome god and our Loki definitely lives up to the good looks of a Norse god.

The mischief and intellect of Loki is not to be underestimated as you try to find your way around its maze of giant secrets.

From the stories of old, it is clear that Loki goes through two stages. The earlier stage is where Loki is not at all bad. He follows the path of the gods and even though he causes trouble it is unintentional and due to short-sightedness and carelessness. In the latter stage Loki has become a true demon. Now blamed for everything that goes bad.

Loki can be friendly but beware of his evil doings as in a blink of an eye he will turn his back on you.

Blue/black and Green/black puzzles are also available, please email us for availability as stock is limited in these colours.

Price: £160